Rüdiger Lubricht, from the series Peripherie – Milieubilder aus Norddeutschland, 2020–2022 © Rüdiger Lubricht

The special exhibition #THANKS at Marcusheide is dedicated to RAW co-founder Rüdiger Lubricht. In his series "Peripherie - Milieubilder aus Norddeutschland", shown for the first time, Lubricht focuses on places that stand largely unnoticed on the fringes of the scenery and have no special features either stylistically or in their function. Through his strictly formatted photography, he inevitably brings them into the viewer's focus and unmistakably assigns them the leading role in the picture. This creates charming new views of the seemingly everyday, which find a double integration into the landscape through this open-air installation.

The photographer Rüdiger Lubricht (born 1947) lives and works in Worpswede. He has been working as a freelance photographer since 1989 and was, among other things, a visiting professor at the HfK Bremen. His works, which have also been shown internationally, have won many awards and deal with a wide range of subjects between architecture, landscape and portraits. He became known far beyond the borders of Germany especially with his long-term projects on the Chernobyl reactor disaster, in which he portrayed its consequences and victims in an impressive and oppressive manner. In 2016, he founded the "RAW" together with Jürgen Strasser and was primarily responsible for the realisation of the exhibitions



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